cookbook club: Plat du Jour by Susan Herrmann Loomis

I’d say the spring cookbook club is off to a great start!  In our second meeting, we talked French comfort food and life in France with award-winning author Susan Herrmann Loomis as we cooked to her latest book, Plat Du Jour: French Dinners Made Easy.  Plat du jour means daily special. These are the dishes handwritten on chalkboardsContinue reading “cookbook club: Plat du Jour by Susan Herrmann Loomis”

cookbook club: The Taste of Country Cooking by Edna Lewis

Welcome to the first book of our spring cookbook club! Our first book of the series is: The Taste of Country Cooking by Edna Lewis. But, before digging in, I want to thank Kitchen Arts & Letters bookstore and The 92nd Street Y in NYC. Their beloved live program, Talks & Tastes, had to go virtual and they made it happen in theContinue reading “cookbook club: The Taste of Country Cooking by Edna Lewis”

join the (cookbook) club

I’m about to do something I’ve wanted to do for YEARS! Confession: I’m a food and drink book addict. OK. Maybe you’re not surprised at all by that. My home is literally wall-to-wall cookbooks, food history books, and a library’s worth of wine and spirits books. They make me happy. And when I’m happy, IContinue reading “join the (cookbook) club”

enchanted by Venice, pt 1 of many

Have you ever been to Venice? Before February 2020, I had not. If you’ve been there, you know the magic spell she casts over you. I was not prepared for the enchantment. Even now, over eight months later, I am still enraptured. So much so that the “quick” blog post I intended to write aboutContinue reading “enchanted by Venice, pt 1 of many”