The Release Party

Last night was the release party for Life of Reiley’s two latest books – Chrysta Wilson’s Kiss My Bundt and Amy Reiley’s new collaboration with Juan-Carlos Cruz, The Love Diet which is coming out next week. The party was at Amy’s house which is designed around a large open kitchen created specifically for events and commercial production, and I gotContinue reading “The Release Party”

A Tale of Two Sundays

Last weekend began my spring season of local wandering. Almost a year after starting this blog as part of a food blogging class with Steven Shaw (see the link to the International Culinary Center Foodblogging class on the right), I accompanied Steven and members of his 2010 class (as well as my former classmate, AnaContinue reading “A Tale of Two Sundays”

Tuesday’s Top Five – LA Edition

I’ve always been an East Coast girl, even when I lived on the West Coast. Even more so, I’m a New Yorker, and as such, I’ve been a little prejudice against Los Angeles for a good long time. For years my friend Amy has been trying to convince me of the wonders of life inContinue reading “Tuesday’s Top Five – LA Edition”

Mountain Time, part 3

Note: I’m writing all these posts on WordPress for iPhone, so I can’t do much editing & can’t see how they are laying out. Please bear with ant typos or strange layouts, I’ll fix them when I get to a real computer. Modified 3/11/10. Yesterday was amazing. the day started with a big early breakfastContinue reading “Mountain Time, part 3”