Chef’s Night Off – Berkeley Bowl

We are now living in a time of “gourmet” grocery stores in every neighborhood and organic produce selections available in WalMart. This was not always the case, and certainly not in 1977 when Berkeley Bowl was founded. So, why, now that I have Whole Foods, Dean & Delluca, and Fairway Market available to me dailyContinue reading “Chef’s Night Off – Berkeley Bowl”

Cravings: Tomatoes and Corn

 When I lived in California, August meals seemed to revolve around two of the seasons sweetest and most refreshing treats – sweet corn and a dizzying array of heirloom tomatoes. For a couple of years, we grew at least 17 different varieties of tomatoes in our garden, and still found ourselves stocking up at the farmers’ market!Continue reading “Cravings: Tomatoes and Corn”

Day One: Lunch at Kokkari

I arrived in San Francisco today and didn’t waste a moment! I appologize for the lack if finesse in this (and some future) posts – I’m writing from my iphone… Functional but not easy! Lunch at Kokkari: Shaya Verdejo from Ruida (lush, stone fruits, refreshing) GrilledOctopus Salad Lamb Riblets Taromisalata with housemade pita Karpouzi (Watermelon),Continue reading “Day One: Lunch at Kokkari”

Tuesday’s Top 5 – One Day in the Napa Valley

The other day a former student (knowing I lived in Napa for many years) asked me for suggestions for a quick one-day detour to the Napa Valley while in San Francisco for business. It’s had me thinking, once again, about planning a trip of my own. I’ll definitely go for longer than a day though!Continue reading “Tuesday’s Top 5 – One Day in the Napa Valley”

From My Travels – Memories of a Trip to San Francisco

Since I missed Chef’s Night Off last night, I’m taking a little bit of a break tonight… I wrote this for Eat and Tell a while back… you can tell by the writing style – a little sassier than lately! “Eat, drink, and be fat and drunk!” This is the saying on a magnet that hasContinue reading “From My Travels – Memories of a Trip to San Francisco”

Rome Two Ways, Part II – With Family

My father has lived in Genazzano, a beautiful walled hilltop town east and slightly south of Rome, for about 5 years now. I’ve not visited nearly enough for my taste, and I’m sure not for his either! We are quite fortunate to have been adopted into his wife’s small but extremely generous family. From theContinue reading “Rome Two Ways, Part II – With Family”