Wine Classes (not chef’s night off)

I thought I’d try to get back on my regular rotation of posts in an effort to finally ditch my writer’s block. Let’s hope it works! It’s Monday, so technically it’s Chef’s Night Off, but I won’t be having many of those this week! This is the week I teach our Level 3 Culinary studentsContinue reading “Wine Classes (not chef’s night off)”

Finally, Part II

Ipppudo was wonderful. The problem with a restaurant getting a lot of hype and build up from your friends is that most places rarely live up to the stratospheric expectations. That said. Ippudo was wonderful… Not the mind-blowing experience I was hoping for, but worth the 45 minute wait at the friendly bar while enjoyingContinue reading “Finally, Part II”

Fish Tacos and Jalepeno Margaritas

Before we left for our California vacation, my sister and brother-in-law had a little dinner party to try out a couple of new recipes. The meal was such a success that we repeated it with the rest of our family, poolside, in the hills above Napa. In preparation, my sister infused a bottle of PatronContinue reading “Fish Tacos and Jalepeno Margaritas”

Chef’s Night Off – Ibiza Anyone?

Personally, I’ve never been to Ibiza before – Not for lack of desire, the opportunity has just not presented itself yet. In the meantime, I enjoy the treats my sister brings back for me from her annual trip there with her friends. Today was particularlly challenging for a Monday, and it’s in the 90s and humidContinue reading “Chef’s Night Off – Ibiza Anyone?”

Cravings: Tomatoes and Corn

 When I lived in California, August meals seemed to revolve around two of the seasons sweetest and most refreshing treats – sweet corn and a dizzying array of heirloom tomatoes. For a couple of years, we grew at least 17 different varieties of tomatoes in our garden, and still found ourselves stocking up at the farmers’ market!Continue reading “Cravings: Tomatoes and Corn”