From France to Italy in Under 10 Blocks

In honor of Bastille Day I am skipping my Tuesday Top 5 to toast France (I am at the French Culinary Institute afterall) and post the update of this past weekend’s festivities (even though only some of it is French!). Sunday was a glorious day for wandering the streets of Brooklyn! Staying true to my love of mixingContinue reading “From France to Italy in Under 10 Blocks”

California Here I Come, Part II

Ever since I bought the tickets I’ve been thinking more and more about California. It’s still 4 weeks away and I’m not one for planning too much in advance, so I’m sure it will sneak up on me soon enough. I’m looking forward to seeing my family (especially my one year old nephew) and my friends,Continue reading “California Here I Come, Part II”

Tuesday’s Top Five – Where Chefs Eat in NYC

It seems that a lot of people are interested in what chefs do on their day off. Most of my chef friends would respond “What day off?” Maybe because even if they have a day off, they often spend it cooking. Days off allow for enough time to visit the farmers’ markets, try new ingredients, andContinue reading “Tuesday’s Top Five – Where Chefs Eat in NYC”

California, Here I Come! – Part I

After over a year of not setting foot on the west coast, I finally purchased my tickets to San Francisco! (I’m sure my mother will be thrilled to read this!) My family (one part of it or another) has been living in the Bay Area since the mid-1980’s, so SF has been like a second home for meContinue reading “California, Here I Come! – Part I”

Chef’s Night Off – Moroccan in Bay Ridge

Over the wet weekend I had dinner with my friend Hayley at la Maison du Couscous, a tiny out of the way Moroccan place in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn. When I lived in Bay Ridge, I never ate here but always wanted to try it… so with cabin fever from all the rain, I decided toContinue reading “Chef’s Night Off – Moroccan in Bay Ridge”

Tuesday’s Top 5 – One Day in the Napa Valley

The other day a former student (knowing I lived in Napa for many years) asked me for suggestions for a quick one-day detour to the Napa Valley while in San Francisco for business. It’s had me thinking, once again, about planning a trip of my own. I’ll definitely go for longer than a day though!Continue reading “Tuesday’s Top 5 – One Day in the Napa Valley”

Chef’s Night Off – More Rainy Days in NYC

From the missed post, you would think that yesterday was Chef’s Day Off… No, just needed the whole day to recouperate from Saturday night (I’m not as young as I used to be)! Saturday night was the launch party for Justin Timberlake’s new 901 Tequila. Junior Merino of The Liquid Chef was mixing the cocktailsContinue reading “Chef’s Night Off – More Rainy Days in NYC”