Been There, Read That – This Little Piggy…

Two of the most notable things I’ve read this week in the world of food writing have either been specifically about pig-products or featured them prominently. Anyone who read the NY Times food section this week – or any of the food-press related blogs for that matter – probably read Harold McGee’s “Bringing Flavor BackContinue reading “Been There, Read That – This Little Piggy…”

Photos From Today’s Adventures

I need to buy a little time regarding the class since I am suffering from extreme food coma from all the delicious food! Also, my photos didn’t turn out so well, so I’m hoping for back ups from my trusty friends (hint!). In the meantime, a little photographic preamble… The day began with me cuttingContinue reading “Photos From Today’s Adventures”

Wandering Chinatown

Just got back from a short but filling & productive walk through Manhattan’s Chinatown searching for ingredients and inspiration for tomorrow’s Filipino cooking class. My dear brother-in-law was kind enough to walk around earlier this week, providing me with a list of shops by name, address, and specialty – that was kinda like cheating, butContinue reading “Wandering Chinatown”

Haute Hong Kong (reposted)

My recent trip to Asia included four days in Hong Kong. This wasn’t your average trip to Hong Kong – this was Haute Hong Kong – only the best! I am incredibly fortunate to have a smart, successful, fun-loving, and extremely generous sister who had to be in Hong Kong for business en route toContinue reading “Haute Hong Kong (reposted)”

A 21st Century Visit to Ancient Rome

 I mentioned yesterday that I would tell more about the self-portrait found in the “About” section – the photo is terrible but the memories are incredible!  This time last year I had just finished my master’s dissertation on the foodways of the Italian immigrants in NYC and rewarded myself with a 12-day trip to Italy.Continue reading “A 21st Century Visit to Ancient Rome”