Chef’s Night Off – Learning the Foods of the Philippines

As promised – my version of how the class went yesterday… This is definitely going to be a longer post than most Mondays, but worth it.   Though I was expecting 12-15 participants, we ended up with 7 (including my brother-in-law and myself), but that did not stop us from completing nine unfamiliar recipes andContinue reading “Chef’s Night Off – Learning the Foods of the Philippines”

Photos From Today’s Adventures

I need to buy a little time regarding the class since I am suffering from extreme food coma from all the delicious food! Also, my photos didn’t turn out so well, so I’m hoping for back ups from my trusty friends (hint!). In the meantime, a little photographic preamble… The day began with me cuttingContinue reading “Photos From Today’s Adventures”

Wandering Chinatown

Just got back from a short but filling & productive walk through Manhattan’s Chinatown searching for ingredients and inspiration for tomorrow’s Filipino cooking class. My dear brother-in-law was kind enough to walk around earlier this week, providing me with a list of shops by name, address, and specialty – that was kinda like cheating, butContinue reading “Wandering Chinatown”

In Real Time: This Weekend’s Itinerary

Tomorrow is the Filipino cooking class for my blogging group. We’ll be joined by a group of Filipina expats, so expect an authentically good time! Today I’m going to scope out the Chinatown shopping scene for tomorrow’s class… Lunch and snacks will be necessary along the way! From there, it’s off to work – anotherContinue reading “In Real Time: This Weekend’s Itinerary”

Thursday’s Media Review: More Reasons to Wander

Wednesday is the day most of the major newspapers in the US publish their food sections. That’s why I chose Thursday as a “media review” day… it usually takes me that long to read everything I’m interested in. By the time I catch up, I’m so inspired by one thing or another, or several, thatContinue reading “Thursday’s Media Review: More Reasons to Wander”

“Memories of Philippine Kitchens”

This beautifully produced and extremely well written book is one of the main resources I’ve used in preparing for the market tour and cooking class I’ll be offering for my fellow students in the first run of Food Blogging with Steven Shaw. I’m hoping most, if not all, of you will be able to attend.Continue reading ““Memories of Philippine Kitchens””