To be a Writer, you must WRITE

Today is the first day of National Novel Writing Month. I heard about it through my writing group; but, since there’s little chance any of us (in the group) will write a novel this month, we are challenging ourselves to at least write something every day of November. For many bloggers, posting every day is nothing new. In fact, my belovedContinue reading “To be a Writer, you must WRITE”

The Release Party

Last night was the release party for Life of Reiley’s two latest books – Chrysta Wilson’s Kiss My Bundt and Amy Reiley’s new collaboration with Juan-Carlos Cruz, The Love Diet which is coming out next week. The party was at Amy’s house which is designed around a large open kitchen created specifically for events and commercial production, and I gotContinue reading “The Release Party”

A Day in Fort Greene

All these years in Brooklyn and I still hadn’t gone to the Brooklyn Flea  – the weekly event that is part urban flea market, part eclectic food mecca. On Sundays it’s held at One Hanson Place (the old Williamsburg Bank Building, a historic landmark) – some indoors, some out. This past weekend it ran simultaneously with an African bazaar thatContinue reading “A Day in Fort Greene”

My Lucky Break – LUCKYRICE, Part 2 & 3

Of course, I meant to post this in a more timely manner. Such are the drawbacks of a demanding career and an addiction to continuing education (aka homework). Before I get into the past events, I just want to recommend that you take advantage of the LUCKYRICE Restaurant Week going on this week (May 3-9,Continue reading “My Lucky Break – LUCKYRICE, Part 2 & 3”

My Lucky Break – LUCKYRICE, Part 1

The past couple of evenings have been quite full, thanks to my friend Jennifer Baker of Mina Productions. She is one of the event producers for LUCKYRICE, a series of parties, discussions, cooking demonstrations, and a week of restaurant specials all over NYC (going on now!). So far, I’ve attended two events, and I stillContinue reading “My Lucky Break – LUCKYRICE, Part 1”

Tuesday’s Top Five: Reasons to take Food Blogging Class

Is it shilling if you admit it in the first place? Full disclosure: For those of you who don’t know this already, I work at the International Culinary Center (the French Culinary Institute). What you may not know is that this blog started as an assignment for the pilot class of Food Blogging With StevenContinue reading “Tuesday’s Top Five: Reasons to take Food Blogging Class”

Post Script: The Future of Food Media

Ten days later I’m finally getting to the follow-up on the panel discussion, Word of Mouth: Online Media and the Future of Food Writing that I attended on January 7 at the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe. For the one or two of you who read this blog (thank you!), my lateness won’t be such aContinue reading “Post Script: The Future of Food Media”