Living Legends, Part II

I’ve been working A LOT lately… and I take many an opportunity to complain about that. What I’ve not done enough of in the past several weeks (besides write, of course) is count my blessings. I forget that my “work” would be another person’s fantasy. In fact, hundreds of people are paying a very substantialContinue reading “Living Legends, Part II”

Living Legends, Part I

Jacques Pepin: Recently I had the pleasure of working an event with French Culinary Institute Dean (and beloved television personality) Chef Jacques Pepin. As a chef and administrator at the school, and as an alumna from the days when he was there a lot more often, I’ve had the great pleasure of working near (ifContinue reading “Living Legends, Part I”

Grilling with Japan’s Finest – Indoors in NYC

Once again I did not have to travel very far for a new lesson in a fascinating food culture. In fact, I didn’t even have to leave work…   One of the perks about being a student, alumni, or employee at The French Culinary Institute (at The International Culinary Center) is that you get toContinue reading “Grilling with Japan’s Finest – Indoors in NYC”

Chef’s Night Off – More Rainy Days in NYC

From the missed post, you would think that yesterday was Chef’s Day Off… No, just needed the whole day to recouperate from Saturday night (I’m not as young as I used to be)! Saturday night was the launch party for Justin Timberlake’s new 901 Tequila. Junior Merino of The Liquid Chef was mixing the cocktailsContinue reading “Chef’s Night Off – More Rainy Days in NYC”

Tuesday’s Top 5: Wanderlust

Instead of writing about places I have been, today I’m considering places I would like to go. This list is constantly changing depending on things I read, my friends’ wanderings, or foods I want to taste in person. For this particular post, I’m only considering places I’ve never been because my top 5 could easilyContinue reading “Tuesday’s Top 5: Wanderlust”

In Real Time – Sunday in the Parks

My original plan for today was to hit several local food festivals today then go to a friend’s new house for a barbecue. However, between feeling under the weather and a dog-sitting commitment, I found that maybe I bit off more than I could chew (not literally, for once!). If you were in NYC today, IContinue reading “In Real Time – Sunday in the Parks”