A Tale of Two Sundays

Last weekend began my spring season of local wandering. Almost a year after starting this blog as part of a food blogging class with Steven Shaw (see the link to the International Culinary Center Foodblogging class on the right), I accompanied Steven and members of his 2010 class (as well as my former classmate, AnaContinue reading “A Tale of Two Sundays”

Tuesday’s Top Five – LA Edition

I’ve always been an East Coast girl, even when I lived on the West Coast. Even more so, I’m a New Yorker, and as such, I’ve been a little prejudice against Los Angeles for a good long time. For years my friend Amy has been trying to convince me of the wonders of life inContinue reading “Tuesday’s Top Five – LA Edition”

Where The Chefs Ate Tonight

(Note: the following is a completely unbiased account of a meal which we paid for in full, at a restaurant where we did not know any staff, owners, etc.) It’s been a while since Chef H and I did some wandering together. Tonight she suggested a burger place that she swore has the most incredibleContinue reading “Where The Chefs Ate Tonight”

Tuesday’s Top 5: Holiday Drinks

What better way to drum up some holiday spirit than with spirits? I’ve never really needed an excuse to enjoy a nip now and then (now would be nice!), but the holidays provide many a good reason to imbibe with a bit more frequency, including my birthday next week (hint hint!). Holidays also provide aContinue reading “Tuesday’s Top 5: Holiday Drinks”

Living Legends, Part II

I’ve been working A LOT lately… and I take many an opportunity to complain about that. What I’ve not done enough of in the past several weeks (besides write, of course) is count my blessings. I forget that my “work” would be another person’s fantasy. In fact, hundreds of people are paying a very substantialContinue reading “Living Legends, Part II”

Finally, Part II

Ipppudo was wonderful. The problem with a restaurant getting a lot of hype and build up from your friends is that most places rarely live up to the stratospheric expectations. That said. Ippudo was wonderful… Not the mind-blowing experience I was hoping for, but worth the 45 minute wait at the friendly bar while enjoyingContinue reading “Finally, Part II”