Tuesday’s Top 5: Holiday Drinks

What better way to drum up some holiday spirit than with spirits? I’ve never really needed an excuse to enjoy a nip now and then (now would be nice!), but the holidays provide many a good reason to imbibe with a bit more frequency, including my birthday next week (hint hint!). Holidays also provide aContinue reading “Tuesday’s Top 5: Holiday Drinks”

Living Legends, Part II

I’ve been working A LOT lately… and I take many an opportunity to complain about that. What I’ve not done enough of in the past several weeks (besides write, of course) is count my blessings. I forget that my “work” would be another person’s fantasy. In fact, hundreds of people are paying a very substantialContinue reading “Living Legends, Part II”

Finally, Part II

Ipppudo was wonderful. The problem with a restaurant getting a lot of hype and build up from your friends is that most places rarely live up to the stratospheric expectations. That said. Ippudo was wonderful… Not the mind-blowing experience I was hoping for, but worth the 45 minute wait at the friendly bar while enjoyingContinue reading “Finally, Part II”

Chef’s Night Off – Sardines?

When I was a kid, the older grown-ups (the ones that still spoke Italian at home) considered sardines a special treat that they would relish when we kids weren’t around to make faces and sounds of disgust for the oily, strong smelling delicacies. Now, sardines, like so many of the treats the older generation heldContinue reading “Chef’s Night Off – Sardines?”